Local mines adopt technologies to upgrade operations

2024-06-17 19:06:40
Journalist: Tan Qiangming
Translator and English Editor: Chen Si

Mining companies in Zhangcunping Town, Yichang, have formed an alliance to adopt new technologies and upgrade their operations.

Huaxi Mining is using a 5G intelligent mine safety robot to patrol its shafts and underground passages."The robot acts as if it has eyes and ears. It can detect malfunctioning of equipment and decide if there is a situation," said Wang Xu, head of the smart mine department at Yichang Huaxi Mining Industry Co., Ltd., the robot can detect equipment malfunctions and assess situations.

The robot can patrol the mine 24/7, monitor high-voltage distribution cabinets, and detect and report safety hazards, such as partial discharges and harmful gas leaks.

Hubei Sanning Mining Co., Ltd. is utilizing unmanned trucks for the entire transportation process in its underground network.These trucks were jointly developed by Hubei Sanning Mining Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., and with technical support from Wuhan University of Technology.Equipped with these organizations' technologies, the trucks can detect road information and automatically switch between driving modes.

Yichang Baoshan Mining Co., Ltd. has implemented an optical sorting system to separate rich phosphate ore from rocks. This system uses X-rays to identify the concentration level of useful contents"Optical sorting is a major breakthrough, which needs no chemicals nor water for the sorting process and produces zero wastewater or sludge. As a result, the concentration recovery rate has been increased by more than 70 percent. We also significantly reduced the amount of sludge from smelting,"Guo Zhengquan, Baoshan Mining's general manager, explained that the concentration recovery rate measures the weight of valuable content obtained from the ore during smelting, relative to the weight of the ore by over 70% and reduced smelting-related sludge.

The Zhangcunping Town government stated that optical sorting can save 50% of construction costs and two-thirds of operating costs compared to traditional ore processing.The town plans to invest 3 billion yuan (US$413 million) over the next two years to build 11 new optical sorting systems for local mining companies.
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