Little Golden Bell piano performance week opens in Yichang

2024-07-10 21:07:00
By Chen Si, Yichang Three Gorges International Communication Studio
Photo by Yan  Xiaodong

2024 Chinese Little Golden Bell - the Yangtze River Piano Fourth National Piano Performance Exhibition opened on the evening of July 10 at Yichang Theater. During the next seven days, 500 young pianists selected from more than 30,000 applicants across China will perform in Yichang.

This year's performance was divided into professional, college and amateur groups. All the pianists coming to Yichang have stood out from fierce competitions which lasted six months. The Chinese Golden Bell Awards for Music is the country’s top-level music award. The Chinese Little Golden Bell Award is one of the sub-awards of the main award, while this performance week is a major event under this award.

Since its inception in 2013, the Chinese Little Golden Bell piano performance exhibition has been held in Yichang for three times. The pianos used in the show are all Yangtze River pianos made in Yichang.

In 2009, the Yangtze River Piano became the first registered piano trademark to use Chinese characters: 长江 (cháng jiāng). Designed and produced in Yichang, it was China's first piano brand with independent intellectual property rights.

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