Artist revives the fading tradition of grass weaving

2024-07-05 21:07:12
Luo Guanglin, a craftsman in Zigui County with over 20 years of experience, is reviving the ancient art of Xiajiang grass weaving.

Straw dragon boat. [Photo by Fu Beibei]

Luo transforms humble materials like palm leaves and corn husks into intricate, culturally rich artworks like grass-woven dragon boats and rice dumplings.

Luo's passion for this traditional craft has led him to developing innovative techniques and incorporating elements from other art forms, breathing new life into this age-old practice, which was recognized in 2020 as an intangible cultural heritage.

Luo shows a straw weaving skill. [Photo by Fu Beibei]

Luo’s shop has become a hotspot for tourists, especially during the annual Dragon Boat Festival. Online influencers from Brazil, Italy, Spain, and the UK flock to his shop to film their experience and showcase the rich history.

Straw dragon made by Luo. [Photo by Fu Beibei]

This year, Luo’s grass weaving products saw sales top 10,000 yuan during the festival. "Our Dragon Boat Festival culture is more than just eating rice dumplings and racing dragon boats. It also offers young people a trendy way to embrace traditional culture," Luo said.

Song Xiaoxiao contributed the original Chinese story for this report.
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